DBConcept - ChangeLog


2022-01-?? - v0.4.3

  • fixed week entity relation removal
  • fixed * (week / composite entity) handling
  • UML: increased horizontal spacing between classes (to avoid navigation links overlaping)
  • UML: show visibility for navigation links
  • web interface:

    • removed jszip dependency using Haxe standard library (-75 kb)
    • fixed swipe
    • fixed SVG copy

2021-06-29 - v0.4.2

  • fixed wrong diagram row count
  • added grey background for domain diagram class titles
  • added support for TX (XT)
  • added support for comments
  • web interface:

    • replaced material-icons by microns ones (-100 kb)
    • removed filesaver dependency

2021-06-23 - v0.4.1

  • improved support for automatic french plural names
  • fixed too small SVG canvas size
  • display relation names with a bold font
  • web interface improvements:

    • fixed UTF-8 display when using fullscreen
    • displays views names even if there is nothing else to show
    • improved copy functionality in web interface (now support SVG too)

2021-03-16 - v0.4.0

  • added code generation (Haxe, Java, Python) (with support of genericity)
  • added support for visibility specification in links
  • added examples

2021-03-10 - v0.3.1

  • fixed subclasses identification, thanks to Emmanuel Desmontils
  • prevented superset to subsets attributes migration when a reference on superset relation exists, thanks to Valery Tschaen
  • fixed class association position and dotted line
  • fixed exception on incomplete or wrong associations links (when links count < 2)

2021-03-05 - v0.3.0

  • added support for UML class and domain diagrams
  • added Moodle filter plugin, thanks to Erwan Gallenne

2021-02-08 - v0.2.9

  • fixed auto-increment type on subsets (SQL)
  • improved sharing (URL with MFD selection, or embeding single view in iframe)

2021-02-03 - v0.2.8

  • fixed (regression) error in weak entity handling
  • fixed (copy/paste) error in foreign keys reference display (MR-EN)
  • fixed (regression) missing newline in source code preventing processing of last line
  • fixed (regression) redondant primary key when using "COUNTER" in SQL scripts
  • fixed diagonal arrow visibility
  • simplified web interface (using Multi-Function Display panes)
  • added database diagram

2021-01-27 - v0.2.7

  • fixed auto-increment in SQLite
  • fixed broken reference when target relation is removed
  • added a rectangle arround aggregations
  • added arrows
  • added table representation for relations

2020-09-29 - v0.2.6

  • added support for MariaDB / MySQL
  • added script generation support for PostgreSQL
  • fixed '_' for first field (disable id)
  • removed '-ss' (subset) option
  • child entities changes:

    • fixed relational model generation with non null subsets intersection
    • added new & compatible syntax for sub entities (now supported by Mocodo)
    • children entities can now have their proper id
    • relational structure (parent + children, children only, parent only) can now be specified per set / subsets.
    • (old syntax is still supported for compatibility, but support will be removed in the future)

2020-07-07 - v0.2.5

  • added examples (see doc/examples folder)
  • added online example - thanks to Valentin Brosseau
  • fixed bad column count when reading mocodo files
  • fixed id strings containing spaces handling in MCDToMLD transformation

2020-06-16 - v0.2.4

  • updated web application design & theme
  • added web site generator, screenshot & icon

2020-06-05 - v0.2.3

  • updated web application design & theme (WIP - by Sandy Grassineau)
  • updated Checkstyle and upgraded to Haxe 4.1

2020-05-12 - v0.2.2

  • fixed cardinalities position and diagonal bended lines
  • fixed touch to move regression

2020-05-10 - v0.2.1

  • added swipe animation + touch to move pages feature
  • added swipe on mouse wheel when shift key is pressed
  • added support for vertical display
  • added CSS to print only MCD and MLD
  • simplified SVG code (using embeded stylesheet)
  • added fullscreen MCD display
  • added wrapper script for Java
  • reset URL search string on input to prevent loss of data

2020-05-08 - v0.2.0

  • added support for reverse engineering from an SQlite database
  • added programmed unit tests and fixed some errors
  • first try for auto-positionning
  • added a proof of concept web application
  • modified Mocodo source parser to allow live diagram generation

2020-02-11 - v0.1.1

  • Mocodo-UX-FIX: now support lines with different columns count
  • Mocodo-FIX: Subsets lines are no more taken into account for layout construction
  • Mocodo-FIX: Children entities without additionnal fields
  • ToMLD-FIX: 1-1 associations didn't had foreign keys
  • ToMLD-FIX: subsets foreign keys weren't handled on 1 or 2 option ; parent relation is removed if possible (no other relation than children pointing to it) with option 1